Lawn Aeration

A beautiful lawn starts here!

A beautiful lawn is the foundation of any good-looking landscape. It’s also where most of the fun happens with family and friends! To keep your lawn green and vibrant, it’s important to keep it healthy and strong with the proper care. Our experts will give you a lawn you’ll be proud of with a long future of enjoyment with our lawn aeration services.

There is a lot to consider when keeping any lawn looking good: grass type, soil quality, soil consistency, and climate – which we all know can be tricky here in Northern Colorado. Aeration helps your lawn breathe well. The better your lawn can breathe, the easier it is for your lawn to take in oxygen, moisture, and nutrients – all essential for a lush, green lawn.

Often dead leaves, lawn clippings and other waste can build up and stick together to form a barrier, called thatch over your lawn, preventing moisture and oxygen from getting into your grass. Aeration removes plugs of grass and soil to make it much easier to take in all the essential nutrients. Lawn aeration also allows for better seed germination and strengthen roots. Core aeration is the only way to cultivate soil and remove excessive thatch from turf grass.

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How do you know if your lawn should be aerated?

If puddles are forming on your lawn after rain; the soil is compacted, or the grass’s root system is shallow and weak. Another great indicator for turf that needs to be aerated is if there is ongoing white grub and billbug issues with the lawn. Appropriate levels of thatch range from ½ to ¾ of an inch of thatch, this amount of thatch level helps retain moisture, shields the turf’s root system, and protects the root system from the elements. Once thatch levels have reached ¾ of an inch or more, it is time to aerate. All Terrain Landscaping recommends aerating the turf annually or bi-annually.

When Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Spring Aeration

This procedure helps to remove thatch, relieve soil compaction, and helps the turf utilize water and nutrients more effectively. Spring aerations are a great way to remove old thatch and strengthen your turf before summer season. 

Fall Aeration

This procedure helps remove thatch, relieve soil compaction, and stimulates new root growth going into winter dormancy. Cool season turf builds 40-60% more new roots in the fall than it does in the spring! So, a fall aeration is a great way to strengthen your turf before the Colorado winters arrives!

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