With dedication, hard work, and knowledge, three brothers built All Terrain Landscaping

About ATPS Landscaping

We have quite the story, which we are glad to share, but we’ll keep it short and sweet. We launched into the industry by working for a family friend, installing sprinklers. A few short years later after receiving multiple bachelor’s degrees and an EMT degree, we decided to start what is now known as All Terrain Landscaping.

The company grew like a weed! One customer turned into three, and three turned into 33. We quickly realized we had to put a halt to our other careers and pick up a few more shovels and helping hands to keep up with All Terrain’s workload.

Most landscaping companies build their foundations on lawn service mowing and maintenance, but we broke the mold. Our first projects were, you guessed it, ponds and sprinklers – all of which were hand dug. We won’t go into HOW we persuaded our guys to help us hand-dig these first ponds, but we will say a wheelbarrow and adult beverage were involved. It gets even better, our first landscaping vehicle was an ‘84 hatchback Mustang. We wish we were kidding.

Fast forward a couple of pickup trucks later, many life lessons and years of experience under our belt led us to be the company we are today. We were raised with a strong work ethic, we truly love helping people and are not afraid to jump in and do what it takes to get the job done.

We believe that determination, a talented and qualified staff, and first impressions make all the difference. You will notice upon meeting us that we stand out among the industry. Many people go as far to say we’re the best dressed landscapers they’ve seen. We’ll let you determine that.

All Terrain Landscaping now operates with more than 45 trucks in the field per day. We quickly became the largest lawn service and HOA maintenance and commercial snow removal company in Greeley and are excited about our growth into Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and everywhere in between.

Whether we’re hired to mow grass and trim hedges, install miles of sprinkler piping, string holiday lights, remove snow, or draw out a landscaping plan – you can be reassured that you’re in good hands.


We pride ourselves in utilizing the latest technology, seeking out the latest technology in irrigation, landscape design and maintenance.


TST Civil Engineering Group, Colorado Civil Group, City of Firestone, Good Samaritans of Greeley, Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Products.


Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Certified Irrigation Designer, Environmental Protection Agency and Landscape Architect.

Random Facts About Us

  • Jason was a history teacher at Northridge High School in Greeley and was named Teacher of the Year in 2006. He is also a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor.
  • Justin has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and Economics and is a Certified Irrigation Designer.
  • Josh was a football player at the University of Northern Colorado and is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor.
  • Justin and Jason are twins.
  • You can find Josh rooting for the Ohio State Buckeyes in his time off.
  • The ‘84 Mustang is retired.