Sprinkler Turn-Ons
& Blowouts

Sprinkler Care for Every Season

For the most part, your sprinkler system should be a low-maintenance and easy-to-manage appliance, lasting anywhere from 40 – 60 years. To keep it operating for the long haul, however, you’ll need to invest in seasonal sprinkler care like sprinkler turn-ons and blowouts.

Sprinkler turn-ons and blowouts are essential to maintain a functioning sprinkler system – especially in extreme Colorado climates. Before the weather gets too cold in the fall, you’ll need a professional landscaping company like All Terrain to clear your sprinkler lines of any excess water and shut the system down for the winter and spring. When the weather starts to heat back up closer to late spring or early summer, we can handle your sprinkler turn-ons.

Sprinkler Blowouts

Sprinkler blowouts are a necessary service for any Colorado landscape – and here’s why:

If you don’t blowout the water from your sprinkler system, cold temperatures will cause that settled water to freeze and expand in your PVC pipes and lines. Over time, this could burst your pipes (in multiples locations) and cause destruction to the internal components of the system.

Here at All Terrain, our team of professional landscapers are equipped to safely and efficiently remove all excess water from your system with the best equipment. Focusing on the exact pressure and volume necessary for the job, our compressors completely clear your system without causing additional wear and tear to the pipes.

Sprinkler Turn-Ons

When warm spring weather rolls around, you’ll need to think about sprinkler turn-ons. Grass needs plenty of water to survive the summer, and waiting too long can impact your lawn’s health long term.

Give our team at All Terrain a call once the freezing temps have passed, and we’ll get your sprinkler system back up and running with one of our sprinkler turn-ons. This service is quick, easy, and absolutely essential for a lush summer lawn. We’ll ensure that your landscape gets the proper amount of water in order to thrive.

Other Sprinkler Services Offered:

  • Sprinkler system audits
  • Sprinkler nozzle repair or replacement
  • Sprinkler valve repair
  • Repairing sprinkler system freeze damage
  • Sprinkler head repair and relocation
  • Sprinkler pipe repair
  • Sprinkler system controller repair and replacement
  • Fixing underground leaks
  • Installing new sprinkler system timers/control box
  • Rewiring valves w/ grease fittings
  • Replacing severed sprinkler wires
  • Rebuilding cracked or damaged manifolds

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