5 Benefits of Adding Lighting to Your Commercial Landscape

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When people walk by your business at night, what are they thinking? Are they wowed by the illumination and impressed by the façade? Or do they think absolutely nothing because they can’t see it due to lack of commercial lighting on the exterior? If you shamefully hung your head because you know the latter is true, chin up, friends. Our professional northern Colorado landscaping crew has just the stuff to bring your business to life at night.

We’re zeroing in on five key benefits of adding commercial exterior lighting to your business:

1 | Better Security

Pretend for a second that you’re a mischievous teen looking to wreak some havoc, or a full-on career criminal wanting to rob a business. Do you go for the dark business that blends into the night, or do you go for the aesthetically pleasing business with the professionally installed exterior commercial lighting? If you’re good at what you do, you avoid the well-lit building. Take note from our hypothetical burglar.

2 | Enhance Nighttime Landscaping Aesthetics

Speaking of aesthetically pleasing, a well-lit business is a little like Christmas all year-round. People will take note and remember to visit your business during daytime hours. If your business is a restaurant, entertainment venue or other location that is open at night, it’s even more important that guests are greeted with professionally designed commercial lighting on the exterior.

3 | Improve Competitive Edge

Nearby buildings that fade into the shadow are much less appealing than their brightly lit counterparts. Take that extra competitive leap and stand out among other businesses with illuminated walkways, patios and exteriors.

4 | Attract New Visitors

Potential customers walking by are automatically drawn to a nicely lit building exterior. Along with professionally installed commercial lighting, our crew offers commercial landscaping services and commercial landscaping maintenance to further enhance the presentation of your business and welcome visitors.

5 | Be Environmentally Friendly

Think exterior lighting is harmful to the environment? Think again! We want to be green just like the next folks, so our team has gone to great lengths to use premium, energy-efficient, LED lights to not only save the environment, but to save you money as well.

Keep your commercial property inviting, safe and aesthetically pleasing with professional commercial exterior lighting. Call the All Terrain Landscaping team at 970-304-1183 to talk more.

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