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Let the Professionals Handle Your Boulder Sprinkler System Installations, Maintenance, & Repairs

You need a functioning sprinkler system if you want a healthy lawn in the Boulder or Longmont area – there’s just no getting around it! Thankfully for you, All Terrain has been managing Boulder sprinkler repairs and installation for both residential and commercial sprinkler systems for years.

Between our sprinkler system installations, maintenance, repairs, turn-ons, and blowouts, you’ll be good to go all year long! We make it our goal to provide customized care for each landscape, recommending services and systems that would work best for the property and the climate.

If you’re looking for a way to save money, water, and time, we’re your experts in Boulder sprinkler repairs and installation! Simply schedule your appointment with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Sprinkler Installation

Spring Turn-ons

Sprinkler Blowouts

Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance

Sprinkler Installations in Boulder

With 30 years of combined experience in the sprinkler and irrigation industry, All Terrain offers professional installation and repair services you’ll love! Every property in the Boulder area has its own unique needs, so we deliver custom care that fits.

Whether you’re looking for a basic sprinkler system installation or a next-level smart controller system that conserves water and monitors the weather, we’ve got your covered.

Boulder Sprinkler Repair & Troubleshooting

Nothing lasts forever, so our team at All Terrain makes it a point to provide exceptional repair and maintenance services to keep your Boulder sprinklers systems in tip-top shape. Some of the Boulder sprinkler repairs we offer include seasonal system updates like turn-ons and blowouts, in addition to regular troubleshooting with broken sprinkler heads and water usage.

Sprinkler Audits

In order to ensure that your residential or commercial Boulder sprinkler system is operating efficiently and effectively, we provide regular sprinkler audits to assess conservation levels.

Using “catch cans” and a number of calculations, our qualified team pinpoints water usage issues and makes adjustments to your sprinkler system. These regular audits can cut energy costs by 50% while simultaneously maintaining the lush and vibrant lawn of your dreams.

Smart Controllers

This new and innovative technology is an easy way to save you time, money, and water. Connected to local weather stations, the smart controller is able to adjust watering times and amounts based on climate conditions such as temperatures, winds, precipitation levels, and humidity levels. Ask our team about Boulder smart controller installations today.


Boulder Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance

Sprinkler System Repair

  • Sprinkler nozzle repair or replacement
  • Sprinkler valve repair
  • Repairing sprinkler system freeze damage
  • Sprinkler head repair and relocation
  • Sprinkler pipe repair
  • Sprinkler system controller repair and replacement
  • Fixing underground leaks
  • Installing new sprinkler system timers/control box
  • Rewiring valves w/ grease fittings
  • Replacing severed sprinkler wires
  • Rebuilding cracked or damaged manifolds

Sprinkler System Maintenance

  • Sprinkler system audits
  • Sprinkler system turn-ons in the spring
  • Sprinkler system winterization and fall blowouts

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