When to Turn Sprinklers On in Colorado

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As homeowners in Colorado, we understand the importance of taking care of our yards, especially when it comes to our sprinkler systems. Most of us turn our sprinklers off when the weather gets colder, but the big question is: When to turn sprinklers back on

In this blog, we will provide a helpful guide to answer that question, explaining why timing is crucial for sprinkler blowouts and turn ons, given the unique weather in Colorado. 

By the end, you’ll have a clear answer to the buring question of when to turn sprinklers on in Colorado.  

Let’s dive in! 

When to Turn Sprinklers On in Colorado 

frosted grass

Take Advantage of Winter Moisture 

Did you know that even during the winter months, our grass maintains a secret source of moisture? As the snow falls and the temperature drops, the water in the soil slows down its evaporation process, allowing our grass to stay hydrated.  

This is why it’s essential to resist the temptation to turn on the irrigation system as soon as we see the grass starting to turn green. Mother Nature is taking care of our lawns for us during this time. 

Wait for the Last Freeze 

While it may be tempting to turn on the sprinklers when the signs of spring start to appear, it’s important to exercise patience and wait for the last freeze to pass. Knowing when to turn sprinklers on in Colorado is key because the weather is constantly changing.  

The last freeze typically occurs around May 5th, so turning on the irrigation system too soon can be risky – especially if it wasn’t properly winterized last fall. Deep freezes can cause severe damage to the system, resulting in leaks or even cracked pipes. 

Avoid Frozen Pipes 

When temperatures drop below 30 degrees, the water sitting within the pipes can freeze and expand, potentially causing the pipes to crack.  

This damage might not be immediately apparent, leading to abnormally high water bills and wasted water. Repair costs can also strain your household budget. By waiting until after the last freeze to turn on your sprinkler system, you can avoid these costly consequences. 

Efficient Alternatives to a Pre-Mature Sprinkler Turn-On 

So, what should you do if you’re eager to water your lawn and garden during the waiting period?  

Fortunately, there are efficient alternatives to keep your plants hydrated. You can use a garden hose to hand-water trees, perennials, and late-fall plantings during warm, dry periods. If your lawn has brown spots, focus on hydrating the distressed areas instead of watering the entire lawn. Just remember to disconnect the hose from the spigot in case freezing weather moves in. 

Additionally, you can aerate your lawn to help water absorb rain or snowmelt, providing added moisture without the need for watering. This simple technique allows your grass to make the most of natural rainfall and keep your lawn healthy. 

Protecting Your Sprinkler System 

Every year, people misinterpret when to turn sprinklers on in Colorado, but if you made the mistake of turning on your sprinkler system too early, don’t panic.  

Winterize and shut off the system until after the last freeze to protect it from potential damage. Taking this precaution will save you from costly repairs and ensure the longevity of your sprinkler system. 

Trust All Terrain for Your Sprinkler Turn-Ons 

As a company that specializes in Colorado landscaping, we take pride in the care we provide for yards and sprinkler systems. By waiting for the last freeze, using efficient alternatives for watering, and trusting professionals like All Terrain for sprinkler turn-ons, we can ensure your lawns thrive without drying out. 

Remember, timing is crucial when it comes to turning on your sprinklers in Colorado. Exercise patience, follow the experts’ advice, and enjoy a vibrant and healthy lawn all season long. 

Contact All Terrain today to schedule your sprinkler turn-on and ensure the health of your yard! 

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