Why You Should Consider A Custom Pergola in Colorado

Custom Pergola

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We get accused of throwing shade a lot, but it’s not what you think. We’re all about the shade that comes from pergolas. Look—your space is unique, and while you might already see some pergolas making their way into your local home improvement centers, we highly recommend going with a custom pergola. Read on to see why.

Custom Pergolas Increase Energy Efficiency

If you have a south- or east-facing patio, you know what that afternoon and evening sun can make you feel like you’re frying. Did you know that your house isn’t protected from the same effect? If you have A/C, and you very likely do in Fort Collins, Greeley, Northern Colorado, and Boulder, it cranks up and burns a lot of energy. Installing a pergola that covers part of your home can cool your home, increase energy efficiency, and help you cut down on energy bills.

Why Go Custom?

Like we mentioned above, you’ve probably seen some ready-made pergolas around. While we’re not knocking them entirely, the thing is, your home and your space aren’t ready-made. Installing a custom pergola in Fort Collins and Greeley means you have one that’s made to fit your space to perfection, and it’s far less likely to blow away with the next big gust because we make this structure permanent.

Get the Look You Want

How many times have you looked at ideas for your home and said, “Ehhhh, I like this about it, but I’d really love to see this instead.” With a custom build, you get everything you love and more. Our team of Greeley and Fort Collins custom pergola installers has built countless unique covers and landscaping features, and we’ll take your home, yard, and pain points into account when we go to the drawing board. You can opt for various materials and stains, lighting, slide-on-wire awnings, or even a succulent wall (yes, this is a thing, and it’s amazing!). When it comes to your home, you should never settle.

Your needs and your home are not one-size fits all, which is why your pergola shouldn’t be, either. Get in touch with All Terrain Landscaping, and we’ll create not only a custom pergola, but a killer outdoor retreat. We’ve been rocking the NoCo, Boulder, Greeley, and Fort Collins custom pergola installation and landscaping game since 2004, and can’t wait to work with you for years to come. Give us a call, and we’ll set up a time to give you a quote!

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