Types of Materials Perfect for Pergolas

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At All Terrain, our main goal is that you stop seeing your backyard as a backyard – we want your outdoor living space to be your own personal haven, an oasis where you can relax, entertain and make memories all year round. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish this, but today we’re zeroing in on pergolas.

Pergolas serve many purposes and add value to your landscape. We have quite a few options for pergola materials – let’s delve into our main repertoire:

Rough-Sawn Cedar Pergola

Photo courtesy: soundcedar.com

Aromatic, authentic and aesthetically pleasing, our rough-sawn cedar pergolas are a popular choice. They emit a woodsy and sweet scent and retain the natural aesthetic of original wood. Plus, their oils prevent decay, and they’re less expensive than hardwoods and composites.


Smooth-Sawn Cedar Pergola

Photo courtesy: backyarddiscovery.com

On the flip side, our smooth-sawn cedar pergolas have a clean and modern finish. Just like the rough-sawn cedar pergolas, these structures are aromatic so your patio will still remind you of a walk through the woods. Furthermore, they are moisture resistant, so bring on the thunderstorms!


Redwood Pergolas

Photo courtesy: getredwood.com

Redwood pergolas are strong and sturdy with a long lifespan to ensure many years of summer shade. They require limited maintenance and are known for their premium quality. A great option if you’re looking for longevity in your landscape!


Douglas Fir Pergola

Photo courtesy: alcarpentry.com

Douglas Firs aren’t just for Christmas trees anymore. Our Douglas Fir pergolas have a slightly wavy grain pattern with a stylish flair. This material is moderately priced and a popular option for any type of backyard. Don’t forget, though, Douglas Fir needs to be treated or painted.


Vinyl Pergola

Photo courtesy: pergolakitsusa.com

Maybe you’re a busy guy or gal who just doesn’t have the time to keep up on pergola maintenance. Well, friends, we’ve taken your needs into account too. Our vinyl pergolas require zero maintenance, are fully customizable and are lightweight. They come in a white or almond color, which typically matches nicely with just about any landscape.


We’re itching to build the pergola of your dreams to make your summer days even better. Learn more about our pergola options, or call us at 970-304-1183 to get started today.

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