5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Hardwood Deck

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Summertime is outdoor time, and we’re firm believers that July evenings should be spent on the deck, watching the sunset, with a glass of wine in hand. If you’re with us, you may be wondering how you can make that picturesque scene even better. Don’t worry, friends, your trusted northern Colorado residential landscaping company has a few solid ideas on how to jazz up your hardwood deck space.

Outdoor Lighting

With all the countless options for outdoor lighting, this idea is as broad as it is fantastic. Stringing outdoor lights above a deck makes every night a starry night, and adding decorative light posts surrounding the deck provides extra illumination. The possibilities are endless, and All Terrain can help.

Ornamental Trees and Plants

Bring a splash of color to your deck area with fresh foliage. Whether this comes in the form of potted plants, flower beds, trees, shrubs, you name it – adding life on or surrounding your backyard deck is always a good choice. Check out our recommendations of trees that work great in your Colorado yard.

Patio Furniture

We can’t talk about decks without mentioning the furniture that belongs on top of it. The deck is merely a foundation for luxurious summer nights, decorating it is what makes it come together. So go wild with the throw pillows and wicker chairs – you have our blessing.

Custom Pergola Installation

We’re going to go out on a limb and say backyard pergolas are the trendiest thing in Colorado landscaping. Pergolas add shade and style to your deck space, not to mention value to your overall landscaping. Check out the different materials we use on our custom pergolas.

Water Feature

The sound of trickling water and chirping birds ups the landscape serenity factor by at least a thousand percent. A bird bath, fountain or waterfall near your deck space brings an extra level of wow to your Fort Collins landscape.


Not a proud deck owner yet but feeling that it’s time for a whole landscape remodel? We can help. Contact us today at 970-304-1183.


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