6 Ways to Add Shade to Your Landscaping

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Colorado summers come with a LOT of sunshine. We’re not complaining – we love those bright, sunny days as much as the next person. But we also understand that it’s no fun to be lounging in your backyard with the sun beating down on you. Because we’re all about enjoying your landscaping as much as possible, we have a few suggestions on how you can add some aesthetically pleasing shade to your landscaping this summer:

1. Install a Custom Pergola

Pergolas are truly one of the most practical, aesthetically pleasing landscaping elements you can add to your backyard. These versatile structures come in multiple types of materials – cedar, Douglas fir, vinyl, etc. – so they can match the style of any landscaping. Plus, we can design it with vines galore to add even more shade.

2. Plant Trees

True, it may take a little while for new trees to grow up, but this is a fantastic shade investment for the long run. Whether you’re interested in Colorado blue spruces, oak trees, maple trees or any other tree species, our team can provide excellent insight into which tree would work best in your Colorado lawn.

3. Build a Gazebo

Nothing screams classy and elegant like a backyard gazebo. Enjoy the beauty of your backyard while being perfectly shaded with a custom-built gazebo. Our building materials come in a wide variety, so you can be sure that it coordinates with the aesthetics of your landscaping. Here’s to outdoor dining this summer!

4. Hanging Backyard Plants

Speaking of gazebos… Take your shade game a step further and adorn the edges with hanging plants. Hanging plants around gazebos, pergolas or porches not only cut that sun glare, but they also provide fresh foliage and a pop of color to your landscaping.

5. Tall Plants and Ornamental Grasses

If trees aren’t quite what you had in mind, there are a host of other tall plants and ornamental grasses that can line a fence or retaining wall. Large hedges and various tall ornamental grasses are all viable options for increasing your backyard shade. While it’s true that these types of plants may not completely block the sun at its highest point, they will help shade your yard during early morning and evening gardening times.

6. Patio Umbrellas

Is your patio all decked with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, a retaining wall and some nice furniture? Add a large patio umbrella to provide shade for your guests while entertaining. Of course, a pergola is a more permanent and sturdy option, but that doesn’t mean an umbrella can’t do the job in the meantime!

Which of these options strikes your landscaping chord? The All Terrain landscape design crew is ready to give you the shady scene of your dreams. Talk to us about installing any of these elements to your northern Colorado or Denver area home today: 970-304-1183.

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