5 Ways to Use Nature to Decorate Your Home

5 Ways to Use Nature to Decorate Your Home

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If your home was taken over by ribbons, tinsel, confetti and such over the holidays, you might now be in great need of a more soothing atmosphere. There’s no better way to achieve post-holiday zen than to bring nature into your Fort Collins or Greeley home. In fact, using natural elements will not only give you pretty results, it will uplift your mood and the air quality in your home.

Here are a few ways to bring the outdoors in:

Pinecone and greenery tray decor

  1. A tray of Greenery and Pine Cones. Collect and place pine cones and random greenery in a decorative tray to use as a table centerpiece. You can upgrade the look by spray-painting the pine cones silver for a real wintery shimmer.


  1. Bottled Greenery. Fir branches in a clear, glass bottle of water is a beautiful accent on any bookshelf or window sill. Multiple bottles of different sizes make an even more impressive display.


  1. Potted Plants. Probably the easiest way to enjoy nature is by using small planted containers on your dining room or kitchen tables, and coffee tables. Potted evergreen boxwood, myrtle, and succulents are easy to maintain indoors. Just make sure to be mindful of needed light and water.


  1. Sticks or Branches. Get creative by tying sticks together to form a shape, such as a large star, and use it as wall art in your home. Tall, twisted branches can make a boring, empty vase suddenly much more interesting. Also, dried birch tree branches can add an elegant touch propped up against a wall or in a large vase.


  1. Leaves are one way you can get the kids involved in decorating the home. The first thing you want to do is preserve the leaves by brushing them with Modge Podge. Once dry, the leaves can be framed, used to accent candles, strung together as a garland for the mantle, or if you’re really feeling ambitious, create a wreath for your front door.


There is so much you can do with items found just outside your door in Colorado. So, get out there and start grabbing some greenery and get decorating your home in the Fort Collins and Greeley areas with some natural decorations!

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