How to Integrate Playground and Games Into Your Landscape

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You know what they say – landscaping isn’t all fun and games. But what if your backyard could be transformed into a haven of outdoor activities and still maintain its classy ambiance? Judging by some photos we found around the web, there are some folks who have pulled it off. Check out a few of our favorites:

Bocce Ball Court

(photo courtesy: contemporist.com)

If you spend your spring evenings playing bocce ball, we can already guess that you have a sophisticated style. Bocce ball courts have a clean, beach-like appearance that allows them to integrate seamlessly into a magnificently designed landscape. Edged with wood and lined with shrubs and flowers, we already know a bocce ball court is the perfect addition to your next cocktail party.

Horseshoe Pit

(photo courtesy: houzz.com)

Kiss goodbye to the days when horseshoe pits were nothing but sandboxes for adults. By framing each pit in brick or stone, the setup looks like a deliberate landscaping aspect, rather than a tacky afterthought. Bonus points for matching the building material with a patio or walkway for extra coordination.

Backyard Playground with Sandbox

(Photo courtesy: Lestnic.com)

This backyard pretty much has it all! Sandbox, playground equipment, a tunnel and fun pathway. Less mowing for you, endless entertainment for the kiddos. Sounds like a win to us.

Backyard Bowling Alley

(photo courtesy: simplemost.com)

Now here is where things really get crazy. When you start to bring indoor games to the outdoor world, your neighbors will have you pegged as “The Game People” on the block. This bowling alley has a genius pin setup and a built-in ball return but still manages to match the landscaping flow and be an unobtrusive addition.

Play Area Landscape with Underground Tunnel and Built-In Trampoline

underground trampoline


This backyard takes the cake! The underground tunnel and built-in trampoline make this backyard landscape design unique and still very attractive. Get ready to be the talk of the neighborhood…

Outdoor Chess (or Checkers) Set

outdoor chess game

(photo courtesy: pinterest.com)

We saved this one for last because, quite frankly, we still can’t believe how cool it is. Take your game enthusiasm to the next level with a backyard chess set, designed out of strategically placed stepping stones and patches of sod. Chess not really your speed? Fortunately the same design works with Checkers as well.

Our team can’t wait to transform your backyard into a hoopla of games and giggles. Give us a call at 970-304-1183 today, and we look forward to receiving an invitation to your next game night.

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