Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler | Series 1

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If your landscaping elements were a family summer barbecue, the sprinkler system would be the nutty uncle: mostly lovable, sometimes frustrating, and a little unpredictable in its behavior. Although they often operate seamlessly, sprinklers can glitch out from time to time.

Here is our advice on troubleshooting some common sprinkler problems:

Problem: Low Pressure

Reason: There may be a break in the line or a valve is not completely open.

Fix It: Fire the zone and walk around the general area. If there is a break, water will begin to flow to the surface. Excavate and repair the damaged pipe. If you are unable to locate a break, find the valve that controls the zone. Open the valve manually by turning the solenoid. If this repairs the problem, you most likely need a new diaphragm.

Problem: Constant Wet Spot

Reason: Your sprinkler has a seeping valve.
Fix It: Locate and disassemble the valve to verify there is no debris inside the valve or damage to the diaphragm. The diaphragm may need to be replaced.

Other problems? Still not working?

Before you resort to beating it with a shovel, take a deep breath and give All Terrain a call. We can take a look at it ourselves until your sprinkler is in superior condition.

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