Residential Smart Controller

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There are a lot of advantages to using a Smart Controller for your Boulder sprinkler system over a standard static controller on top of saving precious water.

Water Savings

The Smart Controller Sprinkler system run times will adjust on a daily basis to achieve maximum efficiency for “run days”. This does not add or take away “run days” if your yard needs watering, it only adjusts what is programmed. The result is a water savings of about 15-25% over standard static non-adjusting controllers.

How does the system know when to adjust?

The system uses Wifi to connect to the local router and download weather data. The controller must be set on a typical schedule then the controller adjusts run times during the preset run days based on seasonal percentages for either more or less watering depending on the weather for that day or using short historical information based on the last run. All our Boulder Smart Sprinkler Controllers have Mobile apps, and most have hotspot connections.

Flow Capabilities in Smart Irrigation

Smart Controller systems have flow capabilities that measure water use. Some brands will have a wireless flow sensor. The flow version is typically an add-on for the controllers may be about 20% more in upfront cost depending on the brand.

The flow will notify you when there is a leak or other issue by an alarm and will shut off, requiring a tech to diagnosis the issue and repair it. The Wifi irrigation system will not run in that zone until repaired.

Pros and Cons of Smart Irrigation Systems


  • Inexpensive alternative to Full ET (evapotranspiration) Clocks
  • Mobile app for convivence of scheduling and operation
  • Alarm capability to shut off in conjunction with master valve limiting damage and high water bills from mainline leaks
  • Allows for a system check/maintenance without resident needing to be home


  • Requires system checks to make sure a zone is adjusted properly
  • Requires program changes thru out the year
  • Will not skip a run time unless the rain sensor is activated
  • Never gets to a true 0.00 ET
  • Still may see human error in the programming

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