11 Amazing Snow Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

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So you thought that carrot-nosed snowman you built in your front yard was some top-notch handiwork, did you? You haven’t seen nothing yet! There are some incredibly talented folks out there who have taken the concept of snow art to the next level. Feast your eyes on some of these crazy snow sculptures and creations that will blow your mind:

Star Wars Snow Sculpture

star wars snow sculpture

**photo courtesy: qz.com**

Japanese army troops really brought the force on this one. Standing roughly 50 feet high, Darth and the gang were created for the 2015 Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan.

Snow Castle

snow castle

**photo courtesy: http://topoftheworldgirl.weebly.com**

Mastered the traditional snow fort? Perhaps it’s time to up your game with this medieval beauty, complete with a dragon and all.

Choo-Choo Train

train made out of snow

**photo courtesy: Vyperlook.com**

Clearly, a dedicated sculptor said “I think I can, I think I can” until this happened.


dinosaur snow sculpture

**photo courtesy: matadornetwork.com**

Here is another gem from the Sapporo Snow Festival. The festival is held each winter and is one of the largest events in Japan.

Breckenridge Sculpture

breckenridge snow sculpture

**photo courtesy: matadornetwork.com**

Who knew such talent was in our own backyard? This one is from the 2009 Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championship that was held in Breckenridge.

Whimsical Village

whimsical village snow sculpture

**photo courtesy: http://chairmanmao.jasonbarbacovi.com**

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure how to describe this one, but we’re willing to bet it has some unique story behind it.

Handstand Snowman

handstand snowman

**photo courtesy: pinterest.com**

Okay, maybe it’s not the most elaborate of the ones we’ve seen, but the concept is hilarious and somewhat ingenious.


medusa snow sculpture

**photo courtesy: cruzine.com**

Another find from the Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championship! This bit of Greek mythology was brought to the mountains by Team USA from Milwaukee.

Moby Dick

moby dick snow sculpture

**photo courtesy: abominableink.wordpress.com**

We can only guess that this is a larger-than-life-sized version of the literary classic, Moby Dick.

Snow Castle (Again)

snow castle

**photo courtesy: historymaniacmegan.com/**

We know we already shared a snow castle, but we couldn’t help but add this one to the list. Plus, it comes with sledding tracks, which makes it doubly awesome.

And here’s a fun snowman below…whoever built this guy wins parent-of-the-year!

Olaf Snowman

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup and are now inspired to turn your winter landscaping into a snow sculpture extravaganza.

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