3 Easy and Affordable Steps to Fix Dead Grass Spots

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green dead spots

It’s usually around this time in the summer that the luscious, green grass of May has transformed into a not-so-luscious, only somewhat green ghost of its prime. You’re not alone if you silently groan looking at the dead grass spots littering your lawn. Fortunately, we have three easy steps to fix those dry patches and return your lawn to its natural beauty:

1. Rake It
Using a rake, gather up the thatch, or dead grass. Thatch often layers so thick that it creates a barrier that blocks new grass from growing. Raking is also a very cost effective way to till the dirt, providing an effective place for new grass seed to root and then sprout.

2. Seed It
Once you have raked away the thatch, spread new grass seed by hand over the previously prepped area. Make sure you generously sprinkle new seed over the area so no spot remains bare, allowing for weed growth. Your neighborhood hardware or greenhouse should have affordable bags of seed.

3. Care For It
To make sure the grass seed stays put and starts growing, cover it with a thin layer of topsoil or a planter’s mix. Even a half-inch of dirt will provide the seed with an effective topsoil layer. Now all that is left is to water the grass seed and watch it grow. Hand watering each section once daily will provide it with the additional care it needs to fully root and last. Try to avoid mowing these new areas for 2-3 weeks, as a mower can jeopardize your grass’ success.

Quick, easy and affordable! Follow these steps and watch your dead spots melt away.

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