Smart Irrigation for Commercial Properties

Commercial Smart Irrigation

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As a business owner or property manager, you not only want a beautifully maintained landscape design to welcome your customers, but you also want to be smart about costs. That’s where our Boulder, NoCo, and Fort Collins sprinkler controllers come in! Here, we’ll cover the reasons your business needs to consider this for their commercial sprinkler system.

Saving Money on Landscaping

Have we got your attention yet? Investing in smart controllers can help your business cut costs. Off the top of your head, how many times have you passed a sprinkler system that was running while rain was pouring? Smart controllers use wifi to download weather reports so when it’s raining outside, the water shuts off. Because the system connects to weather stations, it’ll know when it’s humid, windy, wet, or how hot the temperature is, and it’ll adjust watering accordingly. You can even use an app on your phone to manually shut the system off, whether or not you’re in the office. Pretty cool, right?

Saving Water Usage

Money aside, nobody likes to waste water. If we’re honest with each other—and we should be—it doesn’t feel good to waste water. Especially in Colorado, where we’re experiencing a drought. But we know you want the facts: smart controllers can save your company 15-25% on water consumption over static non-adjusting systems. You’re saving on water AND money there, folks.

Let’s talk about the worst-case scenario. A water line break wastes countless gallons of water, and let’s face it, we all know disasters strike when you’re not around to see them. Our Boulder, NoCo, and Fort Collins sprinkler controllers act like a personal security guard when it comes to your commercial sprinkler system. They can sense when something has gone awry, and will sound an alarm on your app and shut off the water. Now you not only know something has gone wrong, but that your system is taking care of it, and that gives you time to go check it out. The system won’t turn back on until one of our technicians can come check it out and return it to working order.

At All Terrain Landscaping, we’re all about being proactive when it comes to your Boulder, NoCo, or Fort Collins smart irrigation system. We’ve installed, maintained, and serviced these systems all over Northern Colorado and Boulder, and we’re ready to help you move into the next generation of landscaping. To sweeten the deal, we work with cities to provide rebates to businesses using smart controllers, anywhere from $400-$1500 depending on your usage. What’s not to love about that? Give us a call for a quote!

*Photo credit: Rain Bird | M1 Series Mobile Controller

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