15 Winter Life Hacks to Help You Survive the Cold Weather

winter hacks for snowy day

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So…how are those subzero temperature days treating you? If you’re just shivering your way through winter until the sun shines again, we might be able to help. Here are 15 winter life hacks to help you survive the cold weather:

  1. If the snow is light and fluffy, use a push broom to clear it from the sidewalk rather than a snow shovel. This will save your lower back from an unnecessary strain.
  1. But, of course, if using a snow shovel is unavoidable, spray the shovel with cooking spray to keep the snow from sticking.
  1. While you’re outside removing snow, wear sunscreen on your face. As any avid skier will tell you, the sun reflection from the snow can be even more brutal than it is in the summer.
  1. If you are riding a bike in the snow or ice, tie zip ties around the grooves in the bike wheels to create extra zip tie tire traction.
  1. To keep yourself from freezing while riding your bike in the snow, wear an under layer of running tights or pantyhose.
  1. Throw a bit of compost into your soil before it completely freezes over so that it will be better prepared for planting in the spring.
  1. If temperatures are low enough, keep an unplugged refrigerator in your garage. It will keep food cold and you can save on energy at the same time.
  1. On a surprise warm day this winter, run a hose under your car for a few minutes to clear out some of the mud and debris that have collected on the bottom of the car.
  1. On the cold temperature days, stick your windshield wipers straight out and cover them with old socks so they don’t freeze to the windshield.
  1. If you get stuck in the snow with your wheels spinning, try sprinkling some kitty litter beneath the tires to gain traction. OR keep a spare set of floor mats in your trunk and use to gain traction if you find yourself stuck! (Or get an AWD or 4×4 vehicle…)
  1. Keep a de-icer spray composed of three parts vinegar and one part water in your car throughout winter. When your windshield ices up, spray the mixture and remove the ice with a shower squeegee.
  1. Speaking of unique mixtures, combine one teaspoon of liquid dish soap, one tablespoon rubbing alcohol and about one gallon of water to pour over sidewalks so they don’t freeze.
  1. Rub clear candle wax over your shoes and then use a hair dryer on them to create a waterproof layer of protection.
  1. Install weather stripping around the edges of doors to keep air from seeping through the gaps and making your house cold.
  1. Start planting an inside garden to get a head start for gardening in the spring.

And when you’re done with all that, grab a mug of hot cocoa, kick back by the fireplace and start dreaming of how you’d like to revamp your landscape come spring!

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