6 Pet-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

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When you see your playful pup happily frolicking about the backyard, you know they’re thinking one thing and one thing only: The world is my kingdom and this yard is my palace. Rather than burst their furry bubble, we have a few tips to make that dream come true. Here are our best ideas for adding pet-friendly elements to your landscaping:

1. Find Plants and Flowers That are Nontoxic for Pets

Of course, no one wants their dog chomping down on their beautifully grown plants and flowers, but we all know it happens behind our backs. Rather than worry later, keep the pups safe on the front end by choosing nontoxic plants for your Colorado landscaping. Marigolds, sunflowers and sage are among some common safe choices. Read up on plants we recommend avoiding.

2. Keep It Cool with Shade and Shelter

When that thermometer hits 90 degrees and the puppies start panting like crazy, you know it’s time to cool them down. Design your landscaping with plenty of trees, shade structures, tarps, etc. to prevent overheating and sun stroke. Your dog gives you bonus points for a personally built doghouse with his name painted on the front (hey, we’re just the messengers).

3. Provide a Water Source

In that same vein, make sure your pet gets plenty of water AND enhance the beauty of your landscape with specially designed water features. Waterfalls, ponds, puppy pools – you name it, your dog will love it.

4. Choose Safe Structural Elements for Your Landscaping

Adding fencing and enclosures is a great way to keep your pet from wandering off. However, be smart in the structural elements you choose. Picket fences and horizontal boards that match your landscaping are great options – just be sure they’re sturdy enough that Fido won’t break through or get stuck between boards.

5. Use Materials That are Comfortable for Paws

Looking for materials that are the perfect blend of aesthetically appealing and furry foot-sensitive? We have several paw-sible ideas! A few things to consider when selecting ground materials – doesn’t get too hot, easy to walk on, doesn’t cling to paws (no thorns or thistles!). Concrete, bricks, pavers and certain mulches are all paw-friendly materials.

6. Create Fun Dog Play Areas

We just spoke to your dog and he requests some extra exciting play areas for his palace (again, we’re just the messengers). No sweat, we have a few ideas that both of you will enjoy. Doggie obstacle courses, vine tunnels, cozy alcoves and sunbathing rocks are all great choices for spicing up the entertainment factor of your yard.

When it comes down to it, we love your pet like you love your pet, and we want you to have the landscape of both of your dreams. Chat with the All Terrain crew about ideas so we can get you through the dog days of summer: 970-304-1183.


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