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7 Spring Cleanup Tasks

Ahh, spring cleaning, something you either dread or enjoy. Regardless, outdoor spring cleanup tasks are vital for a healthy yard and will help prep your landscape for summer. March, especially in Colorado, is notoriously unpredictable. Shrubs can be covered with snow and ice one day and a couple of days later (or overnight) temperatures can sway and it’s warm enough for flowers and leaf buds to make their appearance. Because the Colorado spring is so tumultuous it is critical that plants are pruned using best practices for the plant or shrub health.

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How to install your own yard.

These steps are designed to help you install your yard, but it is highly recommended that you consult with a landscape contractor before work begins. All Terrain is more than happy to help you along the way with your project from obtaining materials to consulting with the process. [bra_list style=”colored-counter-list”] Measure the total square footage of area you wish to landscape with grass. You will need to order 4 cubic yards of compost per 1,000 sq. ft. 
of sod. Then, you will need to spread out the compost evenly throughout the

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Troubleshooting: Low pressure.

This may be caused by a break in the line or a valve that is not completely open. [bra_list style=”colored-counter-list”] Fire the zone and walk around the general area. If there is a break, water will begin to flow to the surface. Excavate and repair the damaged pipe. If you are unable to locate a break, find the valve that controls the zone. Open the valve manually by turning the solenoid. If this repairs the problem, you likely need a new diaphragm. [/bra_list]

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